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We manufacture and offer a wide selection of Titanium bar and rods items. Ti bars are available in CP Grades and common alloys including 6AL4V, 6AL4V Eli, 6/6/2. Our Ti bar diameter size range is from 8mm to 400mm Titanium bar is available in round bar, square bar, rectangular bar or hexagonal bar shapes. Our stock production is aligned to ASTM B348 along and is available for immediate shipping.
We provide titanium rods used in a number of industries with this core marketplaces being aerospace, chemical processing and also the health care industry. Our large volume production supplies a large stocklist and to fulfil orders at short lead cycles.

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North Steel Co. metals have been used extensively in chemical processing and industrial plants worldwide. From geothermal energy manufacturing to wind turbines to paper pulping sites. we have been at the forefront in metal advancement ensuring advanced engineering is brought to the market at pricing that makes it affordable and usable.


Consumer products drive the very best in materials science and metallurgy with manufacturers continually bring the very latest technology from research laboratories to home users. So important is the need to be able to adapt to custom designs in sports equipment such as golfing equipment, automotive products such as cars and home appliances like fridges and cooking equipment.


North Steel Co has always been at the forefront of medical metallurgy and is one of the largest suppliers of medical implants in China. Through our extensive experience in the manufacture and preparation needed to develop certified medical metal we have built a reputation of being able to meet the growing demands this exciting industry.


With the advancement of air travel booming, demand on high end and advanced materials is surging. The rapid design process to bring products from design to finished products demands cutting edge machinery, equipment and logistics. North Steel Co is part of that revolution and a key part to it. By investing in the very latest equipment we are able to match and exceed the demands of metallurgy suppliers and SAE aerospace standards.

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