Medical Use Titanium

Introduction Titanium materials have long been introduced into people’s life. Modern biomedical functional materials started from 1930s. At first, stainless steel has been developed for implant and medical applications. Second material is cobalt-based alloy. At around 1960s Titanium and its alloy followed the pace becoming the newest generation of metallic biomaterials. Since its first appearance, …

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Titanium Implant Tooth 3D Model

Titanium use in the orthopedics

70 years ago titanium began to be used for orthopedic implants. As technology progressed and titanium became more available, the metal was employed for the development of shoulder joints and hip sockets. Even dental implants and hearing aids are made from titanium, with a guaranteed longer service life (in comparison to other materials). Titanium, a …

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Titanium Orthopaedic Implant Xray
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