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Titanium Sheet & Plate

Titanium Sheet and Plate Specification. We provide an extensive range of titanium sheet and plate tubes for fabrication and engineering applications.
Our program includes Commercially Pure titanium along with Titanium Alloys including Grade 5 and Grade 9. We offer titanium seamless tubes produced against all major production standards including ASTM, GB, DIN and JS.

Titanium Sheet Specification

Standard Titanium Co. manufacture both pure titanium sheet metal and titanium alloy plate and sheets to ASTM B265, ASME SB265 standards and other regional standards. North Steel Co. have a wealth of experience in titanium supply had have been a china titanium sheet supplier for over 30 years. In that time North Steel Co. have seen the titanium plates industry evolve and to keep ahead of the rest North Steel Co. have focused on quality in titanium sheets and have established Standard Titanium Co. as a trusted titanium plate supplier.
ASTM GradesProcessing thickness (mm)Delivery States*Sizes (Thickness × Width × Length) (mm)
RollingSize Range
1, 2, 3, 4, 7Hot Rolled0.3 < t < 4.0R M0.3-0.5 × 400-600 × 15000
0.6-0.8 × 400-800 × 1200
0.9-6.0 × 400-1000 × 1000-3000
6.1-15 × 400-2000 × 1000-4000
16-60 × 400-2800 × 1000-5600
Cold Rolled4.1 < t < 60Y M
12Hot Rolled0.5 < t < 4.0R M
Cold Rolled4.1 < t < 60Y M
5, 6Hot Rolled0.8 < t <4.0R M
Cold Rolled4.1 < t < 60Y M

Titanium sheet and plate can be supplied to a number of different surface finishes. The importance of the surface finish is largely determined by the application and closeness to finished state as typically surfaces of products maybe be completed after final fabrication. The common supply state is an annealed mill finish however Standard Titanium Co. can offer various surface finishes dependent on size and supply conditions. The differing types of surface finishes are:

  • Milled
  • Polished
  • Pickling (descaled)
  • Brushed
  • Blasted – Shot / Sand

Finishing and supply states which result in different surfaces are not explicitly defined in standards and as such are largely dependent on the individual mill and agreements outside of any standards. The ASTM B600 standard is the key standard in providing a guide to the descaling and cleaning of titanium and titanium alloys but does not define the gloss, colour or roughness that a surface should have.

Standard Titanium Co. supply titanium foil to the following size ranges:

  • 0.51-4.78 mm thick
  • 610-1220 mm width
  • ≤6100 mm length

Standard Titanium have invested heavily in Quality Assurance and believe it is a competitive advantage and the reason why customers return as well as a market busting low titanium plate price. Standard Titanium vision is to be come a trusted and reliable sourcing partner for customers and with that means delivering the very best service. Highlights of the Standard Titanium Quality Assurance program is:

  • Advanced equipment & advanced technical level.
  • Service management & QC system, control quality from raw material sponge and every processes.
  • All products are supplied with a “Product Quality Certificate” from an independent inspector.

Titanium Sheet Production and Technology

Titanium and titanium alloy plate / sheet production process:

Hot rolling plates

Titanium sponge -> compacting electrodes -> melting -> slabs -> hot rolling -> hot rolling plates

Hot rolling alloy plates

Titanium sponge -> metal additive -> compacting electrodes -> melting -> slabs -> hot rolling -> hot rolling alloy plates

Cold rolling sheets

Titanium sponge -> compacting electrodes -> melting -> slabs -> hot rolling -> cold rolling -> picking -> cold rolled sheet

Cold rolling alloy sheets

Titanium sponge -> metal additive -> compacting electrodes -> melting -> slabs -> hot rolling -> cold rolling picking -> cold rolling alloy sheets

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