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Titanium Tubes are available in both Welded Tube and Seamless Tube form and in conformance with leading international standards including DIN, JISC, AMS, GB and ASTM.
Seamless Titanium Pipes are available in length of up to 18m with diameter ranges from 0.4mm up to 340mm.

Welded Titanium Pipes are available for supply in lengths of 12m with a diameter range of 90mm to up 5,000 for heavy wall rolled pipes. Our titanium welded pipes are welded with single continuous weld lines and are 100% xray tested and liquid penetrant testing.

Titanium tube is used in a variety of applications including for use in titanium heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators and medical applications such as implants.

The choice of using Titanium Seamless Tubes over Titanium Welded tubes is largely driven by application and required dimensions of the pipe. Titanium Seamless Pipes generally offer increased strength and pressure capabilities over Welded tubes with welded tubes offering increased options on size and form. If you already know what type you require please find visit our dedicated titanium tube sites. Alternatively speak to one of our team today.

The following list gives details of our production capability. For custom and specialist tubes contact our sales team for further information.
  • Ti Tube Standards: ASTM B338, B861, B862, DIN 17 861, AMS 4941, AMS 4942
  • Tube Type: Welded Tube / Seamless Tube
  • Grade Material: CP Grades 1 – 4, Alloys: Grade 5, 7, 9, 12, 24, 26, 29
  • Seamless Tube Dimensions:
    • Outer Diameter Range: 0.5 – 330 mm
    • Wall Height Range: 0.4 – 10 mm
    • Length Range: < 15000 mm
  • Welded Tube Dimensions:
    • Outer Diameter Range: 114 – 5,000 mm
    • Wall Height Range: 0.5mm – 50mm
    • Length Range: < 15000 mm
  • Stock: We also follow the National Pipe Standards and hold a large stock to meet immediate demand.

A large annual production volume of titanium tube allows North Steel to maintain a comprehensive stock inventory. Tubing and tube billets are available for immediate forming and shipping across all major grades. We aim to meet customer requirements and expectations with rapid production of our titanium tubes with rapid delivery times.

Producing Titanium tubes in large volumes and short lead times requires significant engineering excellence and experience. Such is our passion and dedication for cutting edge technology and engineering for ti pipe manufacture we have won several regional and national awards in China. Awards for the production and supply of titanium piping. We understand the great need to evolve our titanium pipe production processes. And our techniques and we continually look to invest in the most state of the art titanium tube equipment and machinery along with the extensive training that all of our engineering and technical personnel undergo.

You can find our titanium tubes at work in a whole variety of industries and applications from the core tubing in heat exchangers, frames in aerospace airframes, implants and medical equipment and in bicycle frames. We have worked hard over the years to build a reputation as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of ti pipe and tube. To find out more on how we can support you titanium tube supply contact us today !

Titanium pipes are a common mill product used in the manufacture of a wide range of products and applications. From medical implants to large industrial heat exchangers, through to use in aircraft component structures. In recent years we have seen an increased demand from steel fabricators who now view titanium as a real alternative to meet the demands for stronger and lighter and cheaper metal tubes.

Manufacturing Specification

The table below provides and a overview to the tube and pipe range that we manufacture and supply. We also specify many orders against the NPS standard aswell as providing bespoke sizing. The choice of welded or seamless tubing is largely governed by the size of tube and the application it is to be used for. It is necessary to specify either welded or seamless along with titanium pipe surface treatment and manufacturing standard. Titanium tubes are available in both seamless and welded for with differing size ranges.

Titanium Seamless Tube Specifications
DimensionOuter DiameterThicknessLength
Size Range:0.5mm – 330mm0.4mm – 10mmMax 15m
Manufacturing StandardsASTM B338, ASTM B861,DIN 17 861
Titanium Welded Tube Specifications
DimensionOuter DiameterThicknessLength
Size Range:114mm – 20000mm0.5mm – 50mmMax 15m
Manufacturing StandardsASTM B338, ASTM B862

The production of titanium tubes takes two distinct approaches, one for the production of seamless tubes, the second for welded tubes. The type of tube is determined by the size and the application for use.

Seamless Tube Production

Seamless tube production uses a variety of equipment dependent on the tube requirements and seamless ti tubing is manufactured by either rotary piercing or extrusion.

Rotary Piercing

Titanium Tube Extrusion Rotary piercing tube production is where billet is pushed through a two roller which are convex-tapered rotating in the same direction. The rollers compress the material and a tapered mandrel is set inside the central void. The mandrel forces the titanium outards and then compresses the material against the back tapered rollers. The tube is then cooled and then cold and hot worked to the desired diameters and specifications.

Extrusion is a process used to create objects of a fixed, cross-sectional profile. A material is pushed or drawn through a die of the desired cross-section. The two main advantages of this process over other manufacturing processes are its ability to create very complex cross-sections and work materials that are brittle, because the material only encounters compressive and shear stresses. The internal cavity is extruded by placing a pin or mandrel inside of the die

titanium tube process


Welded Tube Production

The welding process is one of the core ways in which we manufacture titanium tubes. Our high quality tubing starts off as a flat strip of metal. The strip is formed into a tube through a series of rollers and the join, also called the seam, is then welded together.

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