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We produce and supply market beating titanium wire and rod products. All titanium wire and rod is available in Grades 1-4 CP titanium along with titanium alloys. Wire is available as spooled, straight and coiled form. Stock program is produced to AWS A5.16 and ASTM B863 standards.
In addition to standard titanium wire and rod we also offer bespoke coating for specialist applications. Contact one of the sales team for further information. All of our titanium spooled wire, titanium coiled wire, titanium straight wire are available in a variety of different surface finishes including pickling, black painted and sand blasted.

Production Capability

  • Ti Production Standard: AWS A5.16, ASTM B863
  • Ti Grades: Grade 1 – 4, Ti 6Al-4V, Ti 6Al-4VEli, Ti 0.2 Pd, Ti 3Al-2.5V, Ti 0.3Mo-0.8Ni
  • Ti Wire Dimensions: Diameter 0.05 – 6 mm, Length – Spools: 100mm – 300mm – Straight: 300mm – 3000mm,
  • Ti Wire Types: Ti Wire Coil, Ti Wire Spool, Ti Wire Straight
  • Ti Bar Surface Finish: Black, Pickling, Sand-blasting

Titanium Wire Standards

Titanium Wire Specifications
Commercial Pure TitaniumERTi-1,2,3,4ASTM B863 Gr1,2,3,4AMS 4951
ASTM F67 Gr1,2,3,4AMS 4921
Ti 6Al-4VERTi-5ASTM B863 Gr5AMS 4954
Ti 6Al-4V EliERTi-5 EliASTM B863 Gr23AMS 4956
ASTM F136 Eli
Ti 0.2 PdERTi-7ASTM B863 Gr7
Ti 3Al-2.5VERTi-9ASTM B863 Gr9
Ti 0.3Mo-0.8NiERTi-12ASTM B863 Gr12
Titanium Wire Diameters and Types
Diameter & Types
Diameter RangeTypes
0.05 to 0.780.002 to 0.031YYN
>0.78 to 3.25>0.031 to 0.128YYY
> 3.25 to 6.00> 0.128 to 0.236YNY

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